6 Reasons why I Love to run

I would like to share to you personally the 6 reasons on why I run. Aside from those common reasons like helps you lose weight, increase endurance, and helps you stay fit. These are the reasons that pulls me out of bed and pushes me to hit the road and stay consistent all throughout.

1. Friendly

Running is friendly. Probably when you were a child, while playing with other kids, the very first exercise you did was running. Anyone can run, quite frankly it is the most easiest exercise there is. You can do it alone or with friends, requires minimal preparation and isn’t that complicated. With some water, running shoes, flat earth, and the right attire, you’re good to go.

2. Cheap

Running is an affordable exercise. It doesn’t need a membership, or some fancy equipment. If you choose to be that casual runner rather than a seasonal one, you can make running your sport of your choice to stay active while keeping a budget.

3. Therapy

Running stabilizes my mental health. It’s cheap therapy. The therapeutic effect of running conditions and relaxes one’s mental health. It also produces endorphin! the happy hormone! so basically running makes you more happy. It helps unwind the mind from all the emotional roller coaster that’s been going on through your messy unorganized life.

4. Runner’s High

The feeling of being high after a run excites the body and mind. this is somewhat similar to those dopamine inducing drugs. Running helps me achieve nirvana, as an experienced I have experienced runner’s high many times. It reduces anxiety and reduces pain felt by the body. I can truly say this is one of my favorite reason on why I love running.

5. Helps me sleep better

Running improves sleep. Giving me quality sleep. Ideally, the recommended number of  hour of sleep for my age bracket is 6-7 hrs. Before I started running, I had difficulties in sleeping, I even experienced not being able to sleep the whole night because of emotional stress. Now, I have better sleep and i feel energetic upon waking up.

6. Improves Appetite

Running is a form of cardiovascular exercise that improves blood circulation and speeds up metabolism. metabolism is your body’s ability to burn calories converting it to energy.
An increase in metabolism means your body will be able to burn calories faster, thus you will get hungry more often, it means you can eat more food! food is life!


All in all, running helps me become a better person. running helped me through those times that I was depressed and anxious. I think each and everyone of us should have a hobby that helps the mind and body relax, because life ain’t easy. So get involved in some serious activity and be the best version of yourself. How about you, why do you run? or do you even run? 😀

Here’s Why Goals Don’t Work

To be honest, I’m not a really a fan of goals. Lots of people set their goals and eventually they fail to stick to it until their back to square one. like failed new year’s resolution. The ideal reason why we have goals is for us to have a target or an objective that when achieved gives us a sense of fulfillment. That sense of fulfillment keeps us going makes us happy and sane, so that we can move on and find another goal to accomplish

But why do most of us fail to achieve these goals. I’ll tell you why, its because we lack purpose. Purpose gives your goals meaning. If you have a goal without backing it up with a strong purpose, then you will bound to fail. Its easy to set goals, lose weight, get six pack abs, finish a marathon, save a million cash. see anyone can set goals, but you should give the goal life by giving its true purpose.

Purpose by definition means the reason for which something is done or created for which something exists. Sure you can tell me its also easy to give purpose on why you are pursuing a certain goal, but this purpose of yours should be strong enough to support and carry out the completion of the goal. I’ll give you examples on how to properly set GOALS backed up with a strong PURPOSE or reason.

GOAL: Be Physically Healthy
WEAK PURPOSE: because I want to look good to other people
STRONG PURPOSE: because I don’t like what I see in the mirror, I hate being sick, the thought of being hospitalized frightens me, I don’t want my family spending too much for my hospital bill, seeing them struggling for medical finances.

GOAL: Learn Guitar
WEAK PURPOSE: because I want to sing my favorite songs
STRONG PURPOSE: because ever since I was a child, I’d always love to learn the guitar, but

GOAL: Save a million pesos

GOAL: Learn a new language

GOAL: Retire at the age of 45

GOAL: Get a six pack abs

Whenever you set a goal, you should always have a strong purpose. with a strong purpose, you can stay committed, focused, consistent and determined to achieve your goals. when your working on a goal, you should always ask yourself why you’re doing what your doing. Purpose always comes first. Don’t just set a goal just because your friends are doing it or just to impress other people. Always ask yourself why.